Phoenix Flight 3

This guide Shall
attempt to point out
a  concept based on colors
and their content value.  Pertaining
to the unity of colors, it is evident that
dignity is its standard. Colors have always been important factors in conjunction with circumstance and have always been held in great regard. This introduction contains the basic construction and standard with representatives that support their abilities, gratitude and passion as representatives and supporters of Phoenix. This presentation gives a specific code of colors, such as Red, White & Blue! Red representing divine trinity and domination as is associated with the father...White represents the spectrum and absence of Black which signifies purity as referenced by the Holy Spirit. Red, White & Blue are definitely colors showing our United Flag of States. Blue is representative of the verification of protection as the Dove's winged flight throughout all creation. Representing the divinity which binds woman and man with the love of God's grace! Colors dignify and make us realize our greatness in being and unifies us to flight standards.

encompasses all
nations as is represented
in the choice of colors of
Africa Red, Black and Green.
Red representing the blood of the people,
Black verifying and exposing the roots of Godly pride from the seed of life. Morals that unify, wisdom that teaches and brings forth the creation of all offspring. Green representing the nature of all elements and all that is fruitful and green. The fields of life and prosperity will enriches its nation with unity and nobility.

forever identifies
the organized member.
By choice we dutifully select
representatives.  We use this choice to
establish unity and dignity. The representation of our local clubs and as represented in the organization of states! We are forever seeking to be united. As in the expression "Reaching for the Silver Lining", to define the terms of our life. In closing, this proposal pridefully contains reliable sources that will be to your advantage. Please contact us:

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